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Why We're Here...

We're a group of administrators and therapists who have spent our careers in the residential treatment industry. We specialize in providing mental health care for children struggling with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and other attachment issues.


Our Mission

Something that we learned during our time spent working with adopted children and their parents, is that financial resources are the main hurdle for families attempting to get treatment for their children. Since most health insurance denies coverage of the treatment needed for a child with RAD, we decided to take action on our own. 


We have made it our mission to help as many families as possible to receive the residential treatment that they need, independent of their financial situation. 

Through our donors and corporate partners we help cover residential treatment costs for families who are unable to afford it. 

RAD Treatment Education


In addition to providing financial assistance to families, we provide educational opportunities to parents, professionals, and organizations seeking to strengthen their understanding of RAD.


In our annual conference on Reactive Attachment Disorder we train families and therapists how they can help children with attachment disorders to develop meaningful relationships and bond with their families .


To learn more, or register for our 2017 conference click here.

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